About Us

Our Vision

It was founded in 1.April.2016 as a non- profitable trust to work social activities.
Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment with opportunities for each student to develop the technical; like- computer, Accounting, Beautician, Stitching, Mechanical, etc. skills & knowledge to became a social, successful and livelihood with various ways. We provide instruction, teaching and training in various types of skill and facilities to the student which is required for best education.

Why Choose Us

Key aspects of quality management in educational processes:

  • Quality policy

  • Responsibility, authority and communication 

  • Infrastructure and Learning environment

  • Placement Facility after completing the training  

  • Well qualified & experienced trainers

  • Additional personal grooming classes

Director’s Message

Welcome to the Sakar Dreams Foundation (SDF). We are excited to offer you the opportunity to learn in skills programme. We aim to provide you with high quality learning opportunities during this important phase of your life and we believe that each student has the ability to achieve his/her goals.

This training will help you to identify your own personal strengths, develop teamwork and the ability to apply these to real-world situations. I invite you to join with us in creating an extraordinary future. The future generation should be well aware of the values, traditions and culture of our great nation.

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